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... but not everything. What's it gonna be?

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The R-Word

The FIRE movement is misunderstood. The drama of the last two weeks proves it. The question is, how can we fix this? ________ Ohhh we have a new supporter!! Last week, Suze Orman called FIRE "dumb and stupid." "When I was 30 I was dumb and stupid as well, okay?," she said in an interview with Yahoo! Finance, adding that she's "pissed off" at people pursuing early retirement. But since then, she's taken more time to learn about the movement -- and she's in support. In a Facebook post titled "What I Hate -- and Love -- about FIRE," Suze writes: "Financial independence - count me in! "Retire early - yikes, that's where I jump off the bandwagon. "... in my world, retirement means not working. Full stop. I was told that this … View This Post