Top 10 Scary Stories & Frighting Facts About Your Finances

catman costumeHappy Halloween! On this ghoulish Monday morning (if you despise your job, what’s scarier than Monday morning?), I’d like to point you towards the 10 best blog posts I’ve read within the past week.

#10: Frightening Fact: “For decades we were told to buy the biggest house we could afford, and our finances would grow into it,” says the author of Free Money Wisdom in a post called Controlling Expenses from the Top Down. It’s scary because it’s true.

“God sometimes calls us to stop what we’re doing and to go in a different direction … (and) it’s not so easy to heed such a call when we’re weighed down with expensive possessions,” he says.

#9: Scary Story: “For a couple years, I was working anywhere from 60-100 hours per week,” says the author of Darwin’s Money in a post titled Is Working Overtime Worth It? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no!)

#8: Scary Story: A headline like Getting Laid Off for the First Time sounds scary enough. Then comes the actual tale: “I probably did something like 25 to 30 hours a week, clearing about $250 a week after taxes. It was a physically demanding job and ….  a little dangerous … with hot steaming temperatures in the summer and ice-cold temperatures in the winter.” The extra-scary truth is that was the ‘good’ part in the story. (Written by Invest it Wisely)

#7: The Best Antidote to Fear is Preparation. Speaking of getting laid off, LifeHacker describes 9 Things You Should (And Shouldn’t) Do If You Lose Your Job.

#6: Scary Story: “When I was 6, I got a paper route so I could buy my own toys,” writes the author of Live Real, Now. “At 21, I had a baby, a full-time job, and I was going to school.” Read the full story, titled 53 Percent.

#5: Scary Story:I got cancer for the fifth time. The bills were very high … I had to fill out financial papers. They asked several questions: “How much do you have in CDs, bonds, stocks, savings,” etc. I had to write down “zero” for everything. At the age of 50, I had nothing.” Yikes!! Read the full story at How to Pay off Debt: Real Life Story, written by the author of One Money Design.

#4: Frightening Fact: Americans will give away $2 billion worth of candy tonight. Don’t worry; your household’s share of the bill will only be, on average, $21 dollars. (Courtesy Len Penzo).
frightening facts about money
I had to give you that frightening fact because there’s nothing scary about this story, 10 Common Characteristics of Millionaires, on the blog Your Finances, Simplified. “If prima ballerinas have … grace … and if football athletes train to be strong, millionaires also share certain character traits.”

#3: Scary Story with a Happy Ending: On The Simpsons, Mr. Burns is the frightening, evil head of a giant corporation. In real life, Ms. Burns is the rags-to-riches inspiring head of a giant corporation. “She was the first black, female CEO of a Fortune 500 company … and she was raised in the projects in New York City by a single mom.” Read Lessons from Ursula Burns at the blog Family Money Values.

#2: Scary Story of the 5 Little Piggies: “This little piggy had none.” Suba, the author of Wealth Informatics, re-tells the story of the 5 Little Piggies in a cute post called This Little Piggy Wants to Retire.

#1: Because Laughter is Better Than Fear: “If someone has the audacity to question your qualifications, feel free to insult them again and maybe call their mother fat.” Nelson, the author of Financial Uproar, literally made me laugh out loud with his post, the 4 Step Guide to Launching Your E-Product. It’s probably not relevant to you unless you’re trying to sell stuff online, but it’s so funny that it’s worth reading anyway.

Thanks to Lisa Tozzi for the photo.


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    Great choices! I however find the points raised in those mentioned articles not scary but rather eye openers. Nice writing by the authors anyway to put their points across.

  2. says

    With regards to #9 and working overtime, I personally think that overtime working is a young persons thing. When you don’t have a family you want to spend time with then working overtime is a great thing; the extra money, if used wisely, can really put you in good stead.

    Just remember the words of Pink Floyd – “you are young and life is long, and there is time to kill today” and also remember that your life will whittle away more quickly if you are working too much.

    I always remember my friend’s father, who was a doctor. He said “when I was your age boy, I would work over time every chance I got, sometimes I would do 7 days a week. Now I am old, and I would never do it again, because you realize that time is better than money”

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