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Wanna know if real estate investing is right for you?

Watch our panel discussion that was streamed live from FinCon 2021 with Mindy Jensen (BiggerPockets), OG (Stacking Benjamins), Rich Carey, and Paula Pant (that's me!). Joe Saul-Sehy moderated the panel from the bed. (Yep. You just have to watch.)

We shared our biggest investing mistakes, why we decided to invest in real estate, and the day-to-day life of a successful real estate investor. (Hint: it doesn't take up as much time as you think.) We also answered a bunch of questions that were submitted live from aspiring investors in the audience.

Topics that we covered:
  • [0:00] - Introductions
  • [8:33] - Was the reality of real estate investing different than what you were expecting?
  • [10:48] - What systems did Rich set up to invest in properties while overseas?
  • [12:16] - What do you do when you encounter issues with property managers? How can you make this easier on yourself?
  • [16:07] - How do you approach working with a contractor?
  • [21:47] - What about investing in real estate when you're single?
  • [22:54] - How do you get your spouse or partner on board?
  • [27:08] - Is the capital gains benefit only applicable on your primary residence (for a live-and-flip)?
  • [29:30] - Liability insurance for renters - is it necessary? What about having your properties in a different entity?
  • [32:51] - Does it make sense to buy a rental property when you're a renter?
  • [36:44] - What are the biggest mistakes you've made as a real estate investor?
  • [41:46] - What's a typical day in the life of a real estate investor?
  • [47:46] - What are the rates of return on real estate that make it better than other types of investments?
  • [51:16] - What's your attitude towards leverage?
  • [59:42] - What are the questions I should ask myself to discover if real estate is right for me?
  • [1:02:23] - Is there a point where you're too old or close to retirement to invest in real estate?
  • [01:05:05] - How do you keep your real estate business organized?
  • [01:09:11] - How does the reality of real estate differ from what you originally envisioned?
  • [01:14:22] - Which real estate investment strategies would you advise a beginner not to pursue?
  • [01:21:21] - What's your favorite thing about real estate?

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