Four-Week live video series:

Is Real Estate right for me?

Starting Sept 21, I'll be presenting a four-week-long virtual live mini-series to answer the most burning questions around whether or not real estate investing is right for you.

The webinars will be live, usually on Wednesdays except for the first one (time TBD). If you can't make the live sessions, no worries; you'll get access to the recordings, along with free worksheets and other cool goodies.

You'll learn...

  • Sept 21 — How to figure out if rental real estate is right for you "Am I going to enjoy the day-to-day experience of being a landlord?"
  • Oct 6 — Can you succeed in this super-hot 2021 market?"Is 2021 the right time to start? Am I too late?"
  • Oct 11 — What to do if you live in a high cost area"Is it right for me if there's nothing good in my city?"
  • Oct 13 — How to shave years off your FIRE retirement timeline"Is this right for my FIRE plan?"

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