Paula Pant, Mindy Jensen, Rich Carey, and OG reveal their biggest mistakes and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into becoming a successful real estate investor. Joe Saul-Sehy moderates from the bed. (Yep.)

You'll leave this discussion with a firm idea of whether real estate investing is right for you.

Here's a breakdown of what our panel covers: 

  • [0:00] - Introductions
  • [8:33] - Was the reality of real estate investing different than what you were expecting?
  • [10:48] - What systems did Rich set up to invest in properties while overseas?
  • [12:16] - What do you do when you encounter issues with property managers? How can you make this easier on yourself?
  • [16:07] - How do you approach working with a contractor?
  • [21:47] - What about investing in real estate when you're single?
  • [22:54] - How do you get your spouse or partner on board?
  • [27:08] - Is the capital gains benefit only applicable on your primary residence (for a live-and-flip)?
  • [29:30] - Liability insurance for renters - is it necessary? What about having your properties in a different entity?
  • [32:51] - Does it make sense to buy a rental property when you're a renter?
  • [36:44] - What are the biggest mistakes you've made as a real estate investor?
  • [41:46] - What's a typical day in the life of a real estate investor?
  • [47:46] - What are the rates of return on real estate that make it better than other types of investments?
  • [51:16] - What's your attitude towards leverage?
  • [59:42] - What are the questions I should ask myself to discover if real estate is right for me?
  • [1:02:23] - Is there a point where you're too old or close to retirement to invest in real estate?
  • [01:05:05] - How do you keep your real estate business organized?
  • [01:09:11] - How does the reality of real estate differ from what you originally envisioned?
  • [01:14:22] - Which real estate investment strategies would you advise a beginner not to pursue?
  • [01:21:21] - What's your favorite thing about real estate?

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