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7 Expensive Rental Property Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to avoid these 7 expensive rental property investing mistakes with this FREE e-book!

FREE e-book:

7 Expensive Rental Property Mistakes to Avoid

If you make a mistake and accidentally, say, buy an airline ticket that's too expensive, your worst-case scenario is that you'll lose a few hundred dollars.

But if you make a mistake as a real estate investor, like buying the wrong home because you didn't properly analyze the property, you could end up paying $10,000 - $20,000 or more just in buying/selling transaction costs.

Ouch! That's every investor's worst fear. And that's the type of scenario this free e-book helps you avoid.

7 Brutally Expensive Rental Property Mistakes to Avoid

Real estate is a high-stakes, high-dollar arena. One simple mistake could cost thousands.

Discover the most common rental property mistakes, and how to avoid them, in this free e-book!



Relying on appreciation.

Hint: that's for amateurs.




More isn't always better.



Using the wrong formulas.

Discover a different perspective.



Using magical, B.S. accounting.



Not having a strategy.



Using "rental property" to justify a personal expense.



Choosing the wrong mentors.

Reduce the likelihood of making an expensive rental property mistake with the knowledge in this FREE e-book!

You Want to Avoid Making Mistakes With Your Real Estate Business, Right?

The mistakes outlined in this book come from the school of hard knocks - my personal experience as a real estate investor over the last 7 years.

I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did, and I hope that by sharing these lessons, I can help you navigate the murky waters of real estate investing and save thousands in the process.


You'll discover why market appreciation isn't all it's cracked up to be - and what you should focus on instead.


You'll learn the formulas that will help you figure out if a property is a good deal or not, and you'll learn which to avoid.


You'll gain an uncommon perspective on leverage (why more isn't necessarily better).


Throughout this free e-book, I also share my tried and true real estate investing principles that I teach my students.

A passion for teaching & learning

About the Author

Paula Pant is a real estate investor who owns 7 rental property units, which create passive income. Last year, her rentals grossed around $125,000 and netted roughly $43,000, and required an average of one hour per week of her time.

Paula writes about rental property investing on her website, Afford Anything. She believes in living life on your own terms, and investing in real estate led to her achieving financial independence by age 30. 

She teaches you how to do the same so you can escape the cubicle and spend more time doing what you love.

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