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You'll enjoy this on-demand, two-hour chat if...


You're sick of hearing about side hustles.

You want a damn job, not a bunch of different cobbled-together side hustles that take way too much time away from living your best life.


You want to earn more, without enrolling in grad school.

If the thought of going into five-figure student loan debt on the off chance that you might get a better paying job makes your skin crawl, we understand. We're not about that, either.


Entrepreneurship isn't right for you.

You want more stability than entrepreneurship can provide. If that stability starts at a salary of $60,000 per year, even better!

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Who you'll hear from

paula & jonathan [choosefi]

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In case you need an introduction... 

Paula Pant is the Founder of Afford Anything and host of the award-winning Afford Anything Podcast. Jonathan Mendonsa is one of the co-founders of ChooseFI and co-hosts the ChooseFI Podcast.

During this two-hour chat, they'll discuss how you can increase your earning potential through one of the most important aspects of achieving financial independence: your job.

Paula is a big proponent of minding the gap between what you earn and what you spend. The wider the gap, the more money you can invest, the faster you can achieve financial independence. Your earning potential plays a big part in widening that gap, which is why it's a critical part of your financial independence journey.

Jonathan is a big proponent of this, too. But what if you're stuck in a dead-end, unfulfilling, low-paying career with no idea of what to do next?

Most people choose the obvious route: they go back to school and desperately hope that their new degree will pave a magical road to a higher paying job.

Rarely does it work out that way. What if your new, high-paying job is still unfulfilling? What if your degree or skills aren't in demand five years from now? What if you can't recoup the costs of your degree and spend the next decade struggling to pay it off?

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