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Your First Rental Property:

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Want to achieve financial freedom through real estate, but feel overwhelmed by all the information that's out there? That's why we created Your First Rental Property - a one-stop-shop for all the information you need to get started in rental property investing.

In this free 7-day email series, you'll get a little preview of what you can learn in this course!

7 Days of Real Estate Investing 101 - Without the Jargon, for Free!

We know that real estate investing can seem overwhelming, which is why we provide you with this free, 7-day quick-start email series - without the jargon.



How - exactly - rental properties make money.



How to determine if a property is a good deal.



Where to find great properties.



How to get financing for a rental property.



How to build your rental property team.



How to find awesome tenants.



Is rental property investing right for you?

Enhance your real estate knowledge with this free 7-day emails series!

What Can You Achieve with This Knowledge?

Completing this free 7-day Real Estate Investing 101 email series will give you more confidence to proceed with closing on your first rental property.

You'll walk away with a much better understanding of the entire process and who you need to have on your side to succeed.


You'll learn the formulas you need to know to figure out if a property is a good deal.


You'll discover the hidden tactics real estate investors use (hint: it's not the MLS).

Building a Team

You'll know who you need on your team, the red flags to avoid, and what to look for.


You'll learn what types of financing options are available, besides conventional loans.

A passion for teaching & learning

About the Creator

Paula Pant is a real estate investor who owns 7 rental property units, which create passive income. Last year, her rentals grossed around $125,000 and netted roughly $43,000, and required an average of one hour per week of her time.

Paula writes about rental property investing on her website, Afford Anything. She believes in living life on your own terms, and investing in real estate led to her achieving financial independence by age 30.

She teaches you how to do the same so you can escape the cubicle and spend more time doing what you love.

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