Home Renovating: The “During” Stage

I'm not quite ready to show the "after" pictures of our recent purchase, but here are the "during" photos of our home renovating!

Four months ago I declared that we’re renovating a 3-bed, 2-bath rental unit. You can see the “before” photos here.

For the past 120+ days, contractors have torn out load-bearing walls, reinforced the foundation, fought water damage, ripped out floors, torn away drywall and filled several 30-yard dumpsters to the brim.

Now we’re rounding the final stretch. Beams are installed. Drywall is up. Floors are laid. Electricity is wired. Grout is dry. Plumbing is …. er, plumbed, or whatever the word for it is. (No longer sh**ty?)

I’m not quite ready for the “after” pictures yet, but I’d like to show you some “during” photos. We’re close to the final inning, or whatever sports metaphor fits. Watching it come together has been electrifying. (Relax! Not literally.)

So here you go. Check out the progress. In a month or so, when the paint has dried, I’ll be back with the “after” photos, and I’ll post everyone’s favorite: a synopsis of the costs.

bath remodel

bathroom remodel

renovating the kitchen

the kitchen remodel in progress

new kitchen cabinets getting installed


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    WOW!!! That is sure some major progress so far. Reminds me of watching “Income Property” on HGTV. My wife and I just bought a property in Salt Lake City last week that was built in 1962. I believe my renovations similar to yours are going to begin soon!

    Congrats on the challenge and progress so far!

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      @Dan — I am addicted to the show Income Property. Their math is questionable (it drives me nuts in the end when they report “profit,” because they leave some critical factors out of the equation), but I love the meat of the show — the parts where they redesign and rebuild spaces. Congratulations on your new Salt Lake property!

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        Thanks Paula. We are excited about our new place. And we also love watching Income Property. I agree that sometimes the math is questionable, but like you, I agree that that is not the point of the show and is not the meat of what they are airing.

        I love watching them tear down and rebuild every episode. It gives me hope I can do the same. I’ll keep you posted how our renovations go. Thanks for your awesome blog!!

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    I checked the before photos and you have come a long way! I love seeing the progress as it reminds me of working with my father growing up. He owned a construction business and I always helped him on weekends. It was always fun seeing the before, during and after, but I got used to reading blueprints and visualizing it all long before the first change was made. Maybe that is why I dream of ripping apart my entire kitchen and bathroom and starting from scratch!

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    Ah that looks like fun. I like that you left the bottle of coke in the picture. It makes it look less “Home and Garden Magazine” and more “we get thirsty while we work dude…”

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    That’s a lot of work to farm out to a contractor. We did all the work on our place ourselves. I’ll be very curious to see your ROI on the work since you had your “before” rent value and hopefully soon enough you’ll have your “after”.

    But wow. I bet those contractors charged you a pretty penny.

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